About Us

Online Counseling Programs is owned and operated by 2U Inc. Founded in 2008 by a team of education and technology veterans, 2U enables leading colleges and universities to deliver their high-quality degree programs online to qualified students anywhere.

In addition to Online Counseling Programs, 2U currently works with a number of leading U.S. universities to support their online master’s programs. 2U supports graduate, and doctorate programs across the fields of education, social work, nursing, business, public administration, law, international affairs, public health, health care administration, counseling, and data science.

About OnlineCounselingPrograms.com

About OnlineCounselingPrograms.com

Professional counselors empower their clients through change and positive communication in collaborative empathetic relationships. Counselors also guide their clients in identifying personal, professional, and relationship goals, creating or finding solutions to problems, improving verbal and non-verbal communication, strengthening self-esteem and self-concept, and promoting positive behavioral change to influence peak mental health.

In supporting the profession, OnlineCounselingPrograms.com was created to provide accredited online counseling degree program resources where individuals can explore the world of online learning and the mental health field. OnlineCounselingPrograms.com also provides a state-by-state licensure guide for counselors, step-by-step guides on counseling careers, mental health comparison profiles, and other future and present counselor resources.

Who We Are

Through collaborations with various mental health professionals, our editor works to provide the most current and relevant resources for individuals to make a conscientious choice in their career.

Syrenna Kononovitch, M.A. - Syrenna is a certified school counselor in New Jersey. She is the managing editor for OnlineCounselingPrograms.com. As a former online counseling student, Syrenna brings her personal graduate experience to our resource with an understanding of online counseling degree programs, how to develop researched supportive resources, and an appreciation for education advocacy.

Counseling Collaborators

Janine Menard, M.A - Janine has been an instrumental collaborator for our School Counselor Toolkit. With her more than 10 years of experience in the field of counseling and school counseling, she is also the co-chair for the Arizona School Counselors Association. Currently, Janine is the elementary school counselor for Moya Elementary and Pueblo Del Sol in Arizona.

Cynthia Morton, Ed.D, LPC - Dr. Morton has been a school counselor for over 10 years and currently serves as a virtual counselor with Rockdale County Schools in Conyers, Georgia. Coupled with her various certifications and specializations, Dr. Morton has collaborated with OnlineCounselingPrograms.com numerous times to help create content, swap resources, and generally support our mission in providing the most up-to-date and reliable content for our audiences. Most notably, she has helped to create the School Counseling Lessons for High School Students section on Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation.

Christal Pennic, M.A. - Christal, or Counselor Chris P., has been serving the social services field for 10+ years. Recently, she has focused her career on pursuing her license as a professional counselor and operating Counseling4Counselor.com, all about self-care for counselors. Counselor Chris P. has collaborated with OnlineCounselingPrograms.com in her blog series on Counselor Self-Care, beginning with 12 Signs of Counselor Burnout.

We have also had the opportunity to interview over 30 counseling and mental health professionals and 10+ counselor education faculty members for their online counseling programs.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email us.